Cortland Cameos:

Because most web comics are created by regular folks who do them just for fun, characters from some web comics will often cross the boundaries and appear in others, often completely unexpectedly. Here are some other places online where you’ll find Cortland. (And thanks to Hogan for keeping track of these!)

 Cortland Fan Art

One other way web comics artists show each other some love is by drawing their characters, often in their own unique style (with some extra polish). Here is a bunch of fan art done by other comic people online. (You guys are awesome!)

Sweet pic of Cortland and Angie courtesy of Alex K!

Angie looking adorable thanks to the amazing talents of Robin Pierce!

Portrait of Cortland done in pen and ink by Michael Derenge!

Drawing by Vorticus based on a conversation over Skype.

Proud member of Team Ort, drawn by Mort!

A gorgeous portrait of everyone’s favorite boss, by Humbug of Tales of Pylea!

Cortland’s worst enemies by 834n of Parallel Dementia!

Cortland looking very bad-ass as Neo in this art done by Tdot!

Cortland strikes a pose thanks to Sincerely.

Some very HAWT pictures of Lisa and Angie by the ever amazing M2.


A postcard from e-mail Hell by Dr. Mustache.

MS Paint Cortland an Orc Porn by Nervous Spy in the forums.


Some nice Secret Santa art courtesy of Bev from Chooken.

Angie by the amazing Desfunk!

Lord Terry of Cortland by Michelle Mayo of TTG!


A truly amazing piece of work by reader Patrick Shannon, also a graphic designer.


The badguys from The MUDrix by ManyWorlds.


Artwork from Reckless Youth’s Claude.


A depiction of Nebraska weather by Luprand.


Some pictures of Angie by Starline Hodge, who draws Candi.

[image] Mr. Bob!

One of ninety-nine fan arts created by the amazing Mr. Bob, and rhymes to go with them! Read ’em all!


An unbelieveably cool piece of work by Ewan Baird of Digital War!

[image] FAUB!

From Teh Dave of Chugworth Academy for the Secret Santa gift art exchange of 2004!

[image] Komiyan!

Courtesy of Komiyan of Darken. I love this one, even if she draws Cortland better than I do!

[image] FAUB!

This amazing artwork comes from the uber-talented John Fortman of Fallen Angels Used Books.


Coolness from Birdie!


An amusing comic done by my crazy brother.


A cool picture by IVstudios of one of Cortland’s adversaries.


A whole comic by LibertyCabbage of Freedom Fries!


By Jim North.

[image] Ruxen!

By Daniel “Dutch” VanderWerff of School Spirit, featuring Cody being himself!

[image] Ruxen!

By Frank Glodek of Brothers Forever, drawing Cortland drawn in his own unique style!

[image] Ruxen!

By Ruxen of The Crow.

[image] K-Dawg!

Some cool cosplaying by characters from Angry Monkey! (Check out his original sketch, too!)

[image] Hejhox!

My first-ever fan art done by Mark Kingsbury of Hejhox!

From Beyonder!

Done by Daniel “The Cow” Quinney, who writes School Spirit

By Tim from Alternate Delusions for our mutual birthdays!

By Dan Zastrow from Nob the Blob!

Done by Birdie of Super Fight Fight!


Cortland wears a stylish Apple jacket in this picture by Point Guardian’s Ben Carver.

[image] McDuffies!

One of many quick sketches by McDuffies in the fan art joy thread!