It’s another day for cameos. Don’t worry, Hogan, I’ll make it easy on you, since only one or two of these guys even has an actual comic. Starting at the top of the grapevine are three of my college profs, Vic Reynolds (graphic design), Wayne Anderson (printmaking), and J. Marlene Mueller (painting). On down the line is Susan Kare, who designed the original Macintosh icons; Jef Raskin, whose team at Apple pretty much created the Macintosh; and Bill Atkinson, the genius behind such programs as MacPaint and HyperCard. Beneath him we find Beth and Ryan Kolter (of Reasoned Cognition), Joel Fagin, a graphic designer and web comic artist from Australia I met at the Comic Genesis Cookout; and then our dear friend Silvio, who you’ll all get to meet later. At the end of the chain is Angry Bob, a stock character from my comic who is based on Bob Slydell from Office Space.